Furniture Restoration

Antique Furniture Restoration
Our team of skilled craftsmen will restore your treasured piece of furniture with thought.
Our team of skilled craftsmen will restore your treasured piece of furniture with thought to its original construction and level of craftsmanship. We can repair and restore fine antique furniture with inlays, marquetry, carvings, gilding etc., as well as more rustic or modern furniture. Ideas of furniture construction and design changed through time with the introduction of new timbers, materials and methods; the design, style and general feel of the piece needs to be considered during restoration. We have a comprehensive understanding of different time periods and influences upon the craftsmen. Detective work must be employed to identify newer additions or missing pieces from clues left on the remaining parts.

All our work is carried out in our own workshop and you are welcome to visit to reassure yourself that our commitment to our craft is paramount.

In more than thirty years we have accumulated period parts and wood to help authentically restore your furniture. If we can’t find the right part from our own stock, we can source through our contacts and connections. Contact us today for further information regarding professional furniture restoration.
Collectors’ Cabinet restored.
Torn and Broken Regency Chaiselonge.
Frame stripped of upholstery ready for repair.
Repairing frame. Broken leg and joints.
Frame repaired and polished ready for upholstery.
Old and not very appealing.
Fully restored ready for use again.
Inside relined ready for fresh linen.
Oak Art Nouveau Desk ready for restoration.
Woodwork polished and copper details remade.